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Finding the Help You Need

Shout out to all of those for whom life is not one long Netflix binge at the moment.

Maybe you’re in essential services, maybe your partner is. Maybe you’re keeping a business going and are busier than ever. Perhaps work has slowed down entirely and you’re busy pivoting to stay in business, looking for work or navigating Centrelink for the first time.

Maybe you’re working at home and/or keeping a toddler entertained, helping a child with their schoolwork, or just keeping food up to hungry teens (and pretending not to fret about the increased use of screens or how long this will go on for).

Perhaps you are in isolation or live alone. Maybe you are looking after elderly parents or worried about family and friends, either here or overseas. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, keep up the good work.

And remember, we all need help sometimes. So reach out early – to a friend, a colleague, a health professional or one of the amazing helplines that are available by phone or text, often 24/7.


You are not alone.